Welcome and Hello World

This is a blog created for my Senior Thesis and will include plans, references, and concept art. My major focuses on 3D modeling and graphics in Maya, which will play a major part in the final product.

Previous Digital Work

Detective’s Office – Spring 2016


Lighting Project – Spring 2015


Desk – Spring 2015


A Dragon and His Treasure – Spring 2014


Still Lives – Spring 2014

Previous Traditional Work

Figure Drawings – Spring 2015
Drawn with Charcoal



Shell Close up – Fall 2012
Drawn with Charcoal



Still Life – Fall 2012
Drawn with Charcoal


Statues – Fall 2012
Drawn with Graphite


Female Warrior Painting Series – Fall 2012
Painted with Acrylic or oil paints



Rainforest Painting – Summer 2012
Painted with Acrylics